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Bright Balance

Pool Chemistry & Service

Folsom Living Business Plan

1. Our Mission is to Humbly Serve Others, Grow & Protect Our Families & Community.

2. We Humbly Serve Others, Grow & Protect Our Families & Community, by providing Excellent Quality Service.

3. We provide Excellent Quality Service while maintaining the right, the Right Heading.

Right Heading is set by Our True Compass.

4. Our True Compass Guides Our Hearts and Our Footsteps, through in which, allows us to Unite and be Folsom.

5. We Daily Purify Folsom Waters, through Our True Compass to Better Serve Our Community, by which is Our True Folsom.

Job Opportunities & Teaching Others

As job opportunities arrive, We Will Humbly and Diligently provide Excellent Quality Service.

Bridging the Gaps as Needed, as Guided through Our True Compass.

Quality Job opportunities and Team Members

  • Quality Care Technicians, Bridge Builders, Compass Directors,
  • CEO, QCT, BB, CD: Trenton M. Rumsey
  • Anyone who Knows the Right Heading.
  • Quality Care Technician: Looks a lot like a Man in the field with a Big Straw Hat and Sunglasses, humbly serving others while bringing in the Harvest.
  • Bridge Builder: Looks a lot like someone running a relay race with someone right in front, also behind, passing the baton.
  • Compass Director: Tends to stand or sit in front of the class and does repeatedly what they are supposed to do.
  • Feel free to call if you would like more information on becoming a team member of Bright Balance Pool Chemistry & Service.

Declaration of Mission

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