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Quality Pool Service Mather, CA

Serving California areas of Rancho Cordova, Gold River and


Customized Service.

We can customize a service plan tailored for your needs. From Weekly Bright Balance Chemistry Service to Our Recommended Full Service. We are Focused on Quality Service, Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Our Weekly Bright Balance Chemistry Only Service includes: testing water quality and adding needed chemicals*, plus equipment functionality monitoring and minor adjustments. Starting at $90 a month**. Add emptying baskets including skimmer, pump and pool sweep bag for just $6 more .

Give us a call or leave a message, will stop by and test your water and give you a free estimate. Allow us to full-fill your pool service needs.

*Add chemicals as needed, This includes Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid, Cyanuric Acid, Calcium Chloride and Salt. Additional costs for optional water treatments, Phosphate Treatments, Pool RX, High Chemical Demand during Extreme Heat Summers.

** Price are calculated on an annual basis with 49 service days per year and varies depending on Service Area, Pool Size, System Design, Swimmer Usage, Chemical Usage, Composition, Proximity to Trees and other Landscape Pollutants, (week's excluded are Thanksgiving week, Christmas week and 3rd week of January).

Consider your dedication or your current pools services dedication to performing any of our services. Lower priced service requires more work on your part. It is important your pool is completely serviced on a regular basis for proper water quality.

See our Recommended Bright Balance Full Service on our Quality Service Page.

Bright Balance Chemistry Service

Weekly Bright Balance Water !

Proper Ph Levels • Chlorine • Total Alkalinity • Calcium Hardness • Cyanuric Acid • Total Dissolved Solids.

There are many factors to consider, we will assess your pools

individual composition, systems design and consider all factor to formulate the Right Balance of additives for a

Bright Balanced Pool.

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