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Quality Pool Maintenance & Equipment Repair

Rancho Cordova, CA

Serving California areas of Rancho Cordova, Gold River and


It's Important All your Equipment Functions Properly to Maintain Proper Water Quality. We can Repair or Replace Pumps, Valves, Filters, Timers, Sweeps & more. We Will Regularly Inspect your Equipment with Our Weekly Service.

Service calls start at just $79.

Discounted special installation packages by Jandy.

Save up to 90% on energy costs with the Jandy VS FloPro 1.65 HP Variable-Speed Pump.


Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer

I can perform an Energy Audit to Quantify your savings up to 90%, take advantage of rebate programs,

by setting up your pool system for Maximum Energy savings consistent with a clean, sanitary pool.

Pool Sweep Service

Pool Sweeps play an important role in the overall performance of you pools filtration system. We can check, clean & maintain the performance of your pool sweep.

Periodic Filter Cleaning & Replacement

It's important to keep filters clean!

Clean filters are key elements for a

Bright Balanced Pool!

Neglecting the filters will result in Constant Struggles with the pool system and cause costly problems!

We make sure your filters are working properly and will suggest cost effective solutions for your system.

* Price varies depending on Service Area, Pool Size, System Design, Swimmer Usage, Chemical Usage, Composition, Proximity to Trees and other Landscape Pollutants. 

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