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Quality Pool Maintenance

Gold River, CA 

Serving California areas of Rancho Cordova, Gold River and


We have Remedies for Neglected Pools. From Minor to Major Clean Outs. We can stop by and give a free estimate to restore your pool to a Bright Balanced Pool.

Periodic Filter Cleaning & Replacement

It's important to keep filters clean!

Clean filters are key elements for a

Bright Balanced Pool!

Neglecting the filters will result in Constant Struggles with the pool system and cause costly problems!

We make sure your filters are working properly and will suggest cost effective solutions for your system.

Periodical Filter Cleaning Service starts at $45 per cartridge*, it's included with Our Recommended Bright Balance Full Service starting at $185 a month*.

Allow us to provide your pool cleaning needs!

Green to Clean,

In 7 days !

Starts at $399

* Price varies depending on Service Area, Pool Size, System Design, Swimmer Usage, Chemical Usage, Composition, Proximity to Trees and other Landscape Pollutants. 

Pool Sweep Service

Pool Sweeps play an important role in the overall performance of your pool filtration system. We can check, clean & maintain the performance of your pool sweep.

Net Service

Capture Leaves & Floating Debris

We take Pride in Every Aspect of Your Pool!

Leaves & debris raise the Ph levels and clog the pool's filters, lowers the performance of the pool sweep, restricting fluid circulation causing the pumps to work hard and overall lowers the water quality.

Brush Service

Brush Walls & Steps

Leave the Work to Us, While You Simply Enjoy!

Residue build ups are are unsightly and can cause staining if not taking care of. It's important to Frequently brush walls & steps to avoid build up.

Vacuum Service

Vacuum Bottom Sediments.

Keeping Your Pool Aesthetically Pleasing.

Sediments can build up on the pool bottom even with a properly working pool sweep. Sediments are unsightly and can cause staining. It's important to Vacuum the bottom of your pool when needed.

Leave this chore to us.

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