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Welcome to Bright Balance Pool Chemistry & Service

We Are Open for New Services

Bright Balance Pool Chemistry & Service, is focused on providing Excellent Quality Service.

We Humbly, Happily Serve Others, Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction!

Quality Pool Chemistry, Quality Pool Maintenance, Quality Pool Equipment Repairs, 

Excellent Quality Pool Care Service.

Serving California areas of Rancho Cordova, Gold River and


Weekly Chemistry Only Service starts at $85 monthly.

Take a look at our Quality Pool Services Page, have any comments or questions,

feel free to contact us.

We Care About Your Pool!

Small Business

Quality Focused

Satisfaction Guaranteed ! 



We Specialize in

Residential Services.



We have the Remedies

to make this a

Bright Balanced Pool.

We can HELP ! ! ! Reduce Your Energy Costs ! ! !

$ $ $ S A V E B I G $ $ $

As a PG&E/FPSIE Certified Aquatic Equipment Installer

We can perform an Energy Audit to Quantify your Savings,

 take advantage of Equipment Optimization.

Set up your pool system for Maximum Energy savings consistent with a clean, sanitary pool.

What will be your Savings ?

$300 - $600 - $ 900 - $1200.

Your pool system could be using more electricity than you think ?

How much are you paying now ?

Performing an Energy Audit, we can find the exact energy use of your pool system.

Design an Energy efficient system set by California Energy Commission's

Regulation (title 20) for replacement of needed system equipment.

We will recommend system improvements and give 

an estimate for installing an Energy Saving System.

Just switching to a Variable Speed Pump could save you up to 75%

over any other pump out there, save over $600 a year.

Set an Appointment today 

  Contact us and schedule a Free Water Analysis.


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